Traffic has come to a complete standstill at the Koja roundabout; from a far I could see hawkers engaging ‘Kanjo’ askaris in a cat and mouse game, a common phenomenon in the city. I decide to alight from the matatu and beckon a ‘boda boda’ rider, give him directions of my destination and we sped off, carefully maneuvering the jammed up Tom Mboya street heading to the Laico Regency. The 12 story 5 star deluxe hotel, formerly known as Grand Regency Hotel, is one of the top-rated hotels boasting of 188 double rooms and 21 suites. Laico Regency would be the host of the second Mentor 101 event.

Photo Credits: Mzinyi Safari Hotels

Minutes after alighting at Koja roundabout, the majestic Laico Regency comes into view. We halt at the gate of the hotel handing a 50 shillings note to the rider and thank him for a very interesting ride. After security checks, I head towards one of the conference halls, finding my co-founder, Mercy Ngala and Gilad Millo engaging in small chatter. Exchanging the necessary pleasantries, we get down to discuss the program for the evening.

Gilad Millo
Gilad Millo

Gilad Millo, is a father of two and a husband, a musician having produced big hits like Unajua, Sema Milele, is the Head of Business Development and Public Relations for Balton CP Group of Companies, which was a promotion from Head of Administration, Business Development and PR at Amiran Kenya, the largest Balton CP subsidiary, serving 6 years in that position. He has previously worked as Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles; Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Kenya which was a regional Embassy responsible for Israel’s relations with Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi and Seychelles. As part of his responsibilities in Kenya, Gilad served as Deputy Permanent Representative to UNEP and UNHabitat, both headquartered in Nairobi. Before embarking on his diplomatic career, Gilad gained extensive experience in the media as a journalist covering the Foreign Desk for Israel’s Channel Two News, having served both as an editor and reporter during 9/11 and the Afghan War.

Guests start streaming in their droves, stopping at the registration desk before taking up seats in the conference halls. Within minutes, the halls is fully packed and the hosting Rotaract President, Maria, calls everyone to order in IMG_0099order to commence the event. Rotaract protocols done and all guests having introduced themselves, the Professional Development Director at Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central, was called upon to invite the main speaker of the day, Gilad, to give his presentation.

Gilad started by singing a bit of Unajua which he featured Wendy Kimani. He started on his presentation by thanking the team behind the event. His presentation, which lasted over an hour, had the below pointers:-

  1. There are 5 balls we have in our hands, we have family, work, friends, fun and money. The family ball is made of glass while the rest are made of rubber, they can bounce back when they dropped to the ground but family will shutter and cannot be placed back;

  2. Live with happiness, do not delve so much into negative circumstances, they are all over;

  3. There are no limits to career, each job is a stepping stone to the next adventure in life;

  4. Its not what you do, its how you do it. Do not pester yourself with everything until you cant enjoy life, relax, someone else is in control;

  5. Whenever you fail or make a mistake, learn from it and it should not be taken as failure, take it as a lesson or life will hit you harder;

  6. Don’t make money the motivation, its the little things that count;

  7. Anything you do in life, you have attracted it in one way or the other. Learn to be positive and you will attract the good things in life. For those who can, watch the secret;

  8. Read the book called Living in the now. Learn to concentrate about the present. Not the past qor the future, only the present, because it is all you have;

  9. Use your talent to propel you forward, you never know what it can open for you.

All good things have to come to an end, so they said. And as such, this amazing event came to a close with Gilad performing another hit song, Sema Milele which the crowd joined him in singing…


The Mentor 101 team
The Mentor 101 team

Photo Credits: Dennis Mavingo (Instagram: @etownpictures)